Plastic pallets and lids for pallets

The series of plastic pallets offered by iMilani

Industrial plastic pallets


This is a pallet with a new-generation monolithic structure without seams or joints, designed to improve the entire logistics process. It facilitates mechanical and manual handling and has been tested to ISO 8611-1991 standards.

It is has excellent resistance to falls and is highly tolerant to twisting and pressure exerted from top to bottom and vice versa.Made of 100% recyclable black polypropylene. The grid support surface facilitates cleaning.

Can be customised with hot marking, barcodes and RFID.


Injection moulded pallet in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) also suitable for food use, made of fully recyclable material, initial melting guarantee and certification.

Easy to clean and impervious to rust, insensitive to weight changes on contact with water. Highly resistant to UV and infrared rays, high and low temperatures, acids and alkalis.

Can be customised with hot marking, barcodes and RFID.


Made from recycled polyethylene, fully environmentally-friendly. The M Series pallets can be inserted one inside the other, thanks to their specially designed feet. It is available for light and medium loads.

The light-load model is nevertheless very durable and can also be used as a disposable pallet. The honeycomb structure surface of the medium-load model makes it suitable also for intensive use.

Both versions can be customised with hot marking, barcodes and RFID.