Drawers units and Small parts boxes

Small parts drawers units with small parts boxes and binds with tilting opening

Plastic small parts containers

The plastic iMilani minute containers can be placed on the worktop, placed inside shelves, suitcases and trolleys, or they can become a transparent plastic chest of drawers. They are used in environments such as warehouse, workshop, assembly lines and hardware. The minute containers allow you to always have the contents at hand and well in sight, making it easy to pick up. To be functional, industrial storage requires order, convenience and ease of use, requirements under which our containers are designed.

Effective logistics with iMilani small parts containers

Small parts containers are the ideal solution when it comes to successful logistics in picking operations. Picking, or loading and unloading operations, is a fundamental part of logistics. By organizing it properly, you can save a lot of time in finding and arranging the material. Efficient logistics takes full advantage of its devices available or, alternatively, adopts the most suitable tools and strategies to obtain the best results, not only from a practical point of view, but also from an economic and human point of view.