Stacked plastic storage bins

Stackable plastic containers

Suitable storage boxes for any sector, various solutions of stackable plastic boxes for industrial, food and conductive use

The stackable plastic storage boxes offered by iMilani are ideal for storing and handling goods in the most varied sectors. Available in different colors and sizes, they are useful for all logistics operations. Plastic industrial containers are suitable for the handling and storage of materials, such as small parts, spare parts, bolts and other materials in the industrial sector. They optimize space in environments such as workshops, assembly lines and automatic warehouses.

iMilani srl is organised into two divisions internally, depending on the type of interlocutor: iMiCUBE, with the series production of plastic boxes and containers with a wide spectrum of use, and iMiLOG, specialized instead in the production of boxes intended for exclusive combination with automatic systems , whether they are stacker cranes or minishuttle.