Stacked and interlocking plastic storage bins

All material in order with iMilani stackable plastic containers for logistics and warehousing, with solutions for all sectors!

Plastic storage containers are used in all sectors and are ideal for storage and distribution requirements. Our range includes:

  • stackable or stackable containers
  • storage bins
  • utensil drawers
  • plastic fruit and vegetable crates
  • food transport containers
  • ESD containers for electronics
  • more

The iMiCUBE brand offers a wide range of plastic storage containers. These solutions have a wide range of uses for the storage and handling of goods in warehouses, workshops and working environments.

iMiCUBE also includes integrated solutions of cabinets, shelves and trolleys with containers and many accessories such as lids, document springs, dividers. Accessories complete the range and allow material to be organised in the containers. In addition, there are label holders for cataloguing goods and much more.

Stackable storage boxes and containers

IMILANI plastic boxes are the ideal solution for storing goods. They can be stackable or stackable and are also highly versatile. Depending on the different sizes, it is possible to meet the numerous demands and needs for material transport under optimum conditions.

Stackable lidded boxes and plastic containers

Stackable boxes with lids are plastic boxes that are ideal for transporting and storing high-quality goods. The boxes are made of polypropylene PP achieving a robustness that allows them to meet the logistical needs of many sectors. They are ideal for packing products and for use on the move.

To enhance the capacity and use of our storage products, we also offer accessories such as:

  • dividers for drawers and boxes
  • wheels for boxes and containers
  • safety clips
  • Safety clips are useful to prevent the accidental opening of boxes or containers during transport.

Large storage containers

Large storage containers typically have dimensions of 800×600 mm, with depths varying between 120 mm and 430 mm. This type of product is used in specific contexts where it is necessary to move or relocate large quantities of materials and objects.

Products used for the handling of large quantities of goods must be characterised by high resistance, both in relation to the load of the individual unit and in relation to the stackable weight. This means, in practical terms, that they must be strong enough to easily withstand high overload pressures without producing any deformations.

To handle boxes of this size, in addition to using the well-known conveyor belts, it is possible, depending on the characteristics of the warehouse and the requirements for handling materials and goods, to opt for special box trolleys.

IMILANI crates of all sizes can be accommodated on wooden or plastic pallets.