Modular shelving system

SQUARE shelf units are modular and stackable and can be used to create complete wall shelving installations units, in accordance with available space.

Stackable shelf units SQUARE

SQUARE shelf units consist of steel structures in RAL7000 grey colour and 8 different configurations, for small parts Zeus series boxes and front opening Compat series containers

The warehouse configurations of SQUARE shelf units can be easily modified since the individual compositions are monobloc structures – a solution that not only allows for rapid preparation of the area, but also imparts considerable strength even at full load.


Use of the dust cover also protects the material from accidental loads. Constructed in RAL7000 grey steel.


The worktop allows the creation of comfortable, practical workstations for the distribution of materials. Constructed in RAL7000 grey steel.


The plinth raises the shelf unit 85 mm from the ground, insulates it from the floor and prevents the bottom row of boxes/containers from touching the ground during extraction. Constructed in RAL7000 grey steel.


Individual boxes/containers can be extracted easily and quickly and a special hook positioned at the front on the guides prevents total or accidental ejection.