Our Team

Every day we manage to enhance our products through the strenuous work of our excellent team; professionals who carry out internally all production processes. They are the true actors who make concrete and continuous improvements to supplies, services and daily contact with customers. That is why we can definitely say that human capital is our true strength: knowledge, skills, planning and experiences that only our human resources can generate.

It is the team that determines the success of our company, backing a strategy that promotes the economic aspect, but also an efficient customer-care service by promptly responding to any market demand. A diverse and competent team, where any key role is assigned thanks to everyone’s know-how, spread through his own competence. In other words, we tend to make the company’s hidden capital into something truly tangible, as a resource to be valued and communicated.

Our people

Gianni Milani


Roberto Milani


Andrea Milani

Board Member

Gianluca Marzano


Francesco Saruggeri


Nicola Angelini


Silvia Ballico

Furnishings Production Planner

Filippo Barzon

Logistic & Quality Health Safety Manager

Ivan Berto

North-East Italy salesman

Mario Bordignon

Plant Manager

Silvia Cadò


Luca Calzavara

R & D

Claudia Cavallin

Finance & Accounting

Barbara Chaviano

Marketing Manager

Eleonora Chianese

Production Planner

Simone Costacurta

Furnishings Logistics

Michele Fietta


Michela Gasparotto


Luigi Ghezzi

Export DACH + Benelux

Diego Grapiglia

R & D

Marco Malangone

Marketing Department

Omar Mantoan

Country Sales Manager

Annuska Mascotto

Finance & Accounting

Nereo Meneghetti

Furnishings Production Coordinator

Paolo Paganin


Stefano Pavin

Finance & Accounting

Valentina Piotto


Giulia Sbalchiero


Francesco Zannoni

Soft Furnishings Coordinator

Paolo Zocca

Country Key Account Manager

Prisca Zonta