Small parts bins

Small parts bins

Stackable bins for Small parts

The Zeus box series meets the most exacting needs for goods containment, handling and storage. Manageable, lightweight and easy to clean thanks to a perfectly smooth interior, they have a sturdy edge that allows stable and safe stacking. Stackability combined with high storage capacity results in ideal use of space.

  • smooth bottom
  • ribbed bottom
  • bottom ribbed at 45° with crossbar

Available as standard in 5 colors

The whole range presents five different colors, in order to better classify different objects and quickly identify materials.

Available as standard in 5 colors

Article Dimensions Material Color Walls Handles Bottom Price unit Quantity for packaging Price/pack Shipment
ZEZ7025101 145 x 140 x 70h mm
Price €54.90
ZEZ7015101 145 x 90 x 70h mm
Price €75.00
ZEZ4A55101 465 x 315 x 300h mm
Price €93.48
ZEZ4A25101 465 x 315 x 120h mm
Price €149.60
ZEZ3A25101 310 x 210 x 145h mm
Price €113.61
ZEZ0055101 655 x 470 x 300h mm
Price €103.50
ZEZ0045101 465 x 315 x 200h mm
Price €115.10
ZEZ0025101 210 x 150 x 125h mm
Price €165.78

Stackable boxes and bins for small parts

The labels inserted in label holders allow easy identification of the content. Available smaller and larger label holders for longer writings.

  • closed handles
  • closed walls
  • 3 types of bottom
  • smooth interior
  • available in 5 colors
  • stackable

Stackable boxes and bins for Small parts

Stackable boxes thanks to a side reinforcement on the bottom which allows to stack ZEUS boxes with maximum safety even when fully loaded. Lifting and transport are made possible by comfortable handles that allow a quick grip even with gloved hands.

The boxes fit perfectly on the pallets and thanks to the flat bottom, they can be transported with roller or belt systems. The material is thus adequately protected and readily available.

Small components in order thanks to iMilani containers and small parts boxes

The ZEUS boxes have been designed and manufactured by iMilani to rationally respond to the multiple storage and handling needs of small parts and small components in companies. The careful selection of the raw material combined with careful studies of the structure have made it possible to obtain a product of the highest quality.