Storage bin shelves

Storage bin shelves

Overlapping shelves carrying RK storage bin

The RK containers are designed to be placed inside the RK-BOX shelves, made of steel sheet and designed to meet multiple operational needs. RK-BOX shelves can be stacked with modules of the same depth or descending depth. In the upper part, the rack has two positioning wings to facilitate the overlapping of additional shelves. The shelves are fixed and have special slots for inserting guides that allow the RK box easily sliding.

The RK-BOX shelves can hold on each shelf from 2 to 4 RK containers. Available special galvanised steel stops to prevent container from accidentally coming off. Made of galvanised steel plate, the guides are inserted in the special slots of the shelving units to allow RK BOX bin sliding.

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RK container accessories for small parts

The RK shelf containers, available in blue, ensure durability over time and shock resistance thanks to ribbed walls. They can also be customised based on special needs of the operator.

  • Reinforced walls
  • Smooth bottom
  • Available handle on demand
  • Standard Label Holder available
  • Longitudinal and cross-cutting dividers
  • Great oil resistance

The shelves for plastic containers can be finished with plinths at the base to raise the structure.