Container holder cabinets 

PICK container holder cabinets are the ideal commercial and industrial storage solution for small parts and small items.

They consist of a steel sheet structure with height-adjustable shelves, which can be variable in number according to the user's needs.

They are compatible for insertion of Compat containers series size 1 or 2 and Practibox container series, from 3 to 9 tilting.

These cabinets can be supplied without door or with door and lock.


THE cabinet can be partitioned with height-adjustable shelves, 25 mm in pitch, with insertion of as many shelves as needed.


The PICK cabinets can be fitted with Compat series containers in sizes 1 and 2, as well as the Practibox tilting drawer unit series, numbers 3 - 4 -5 - 6 - 9.


A rear stop can be applied to the shelf to prevent the depthways displacement of container size 1


For safety purposes, PICK container holder cabinets must be fixed to the floor or wall.