Stacked and interlocking plastic storage crates and bins. Boxes for all sectors.

Plastic crates are very versatile and make IMILANI crates suitable for use in all sectors with optimal adaptability to storage and distribution requirement. Our range of plastic bins includes stackable and interlocking containers, hopper containers, drawers for collecting small parts, plastic bins for fruit and vegetables, food transport containers, ESD containers for electronics, etc

The iMiCUBE brand, by iMilani, offers a broad selection of plastic bins and crates with a wide spectrum of use for the storage and handling of goods within warehouses, workshops and work environments. iMiCUBE also includes integrated/modular solutions of cabinets, shelves and trolleys with containers and many accessories such as lids, document clips, partitioned boxes, label holder to catalogue materials and much more.

Everything neat and tidy inside our sturdy plastic crates, that can be stacked and interlocked!



NEXIT, pure avant-guarde in plastic molding technology, a sturdy structured product, distinguished by a long lasting endurance and a versatile design.



ATHENA plastic bins are ideal for storing small components, available in various heights, and with a closed, perforated or reinforced bottom for heavier loads

Athena light


Unlike the Athena series, they are only available in size 600x400x220h mm and have larger holes, allowing for greater ventilation and visibility of the product



Easy-to-move yellow bins. Ergonomic, safe and durable handles. Automotive approved, are ideal for the handling and transport of small volumes or amounts



The RL-KLT box is ideally applied in the automotive industry. Available in various sizes with closed or perforated bottom for the drainage of water



Good resistance to oils, automated handling availability, tough handles, a high level of safety and strenghth, reinforced bottom to withstand heavy loads.

1421 KLT


The 1421-KLT box with its particular length is suitable for the storage of materials such as cables, pipes and bars. Available with reinforced bottom, 20 kg range.



Front opening bins have a side reinforcement on the bottom that allows you to stack the containers with maximum safety even at full load.


Handy and easy to clean thanks to the perfectly smooth interior, they are equipped with a sturdy edge that allows overlap in a stable and safe way.


Available in eleven different sizes, RK drawers are ideal for spare parts, both for their resistance to oils and for their internal divisibility.


Foldable boxes designed to significantly reduce their volume of up to 75%. They are equipped with a sturdy stacking edge and ribbed outer walls at the highest stress points.


Foldable boxes designed to significantly reduce their volume of up to 75%. They are equipped with a sturdy stacking edge and ribbed outer walls at the highest stress points.


Plastic stackable crates with a 70% reduction in volume. In the version with the two-flap lid, you can stack the boxes and interlock them. Safe scrolling during the advance on automatic rollers and conveyor belts.


Crates in the Minerva series have a truncated cone structure, allowing for stable and safe stacking at full load. When empty, they can be inserted one inside the other, resulting in a 60% reduction in volume.